FDIP - Allow All Voting Systems to be Used for Proposals

FDIP - Allow All Voting Systems to be Used for Proposals

Author: Radrob (@Radrob on Discord)
Type: Governance
Implementor: Pixel Vault, Inc.

Created Date: January 26, 2023


This proposal suggests to change the current Snapshot space voting system settings from Ranked choice voting to Any.


The current voting system used in the PVFD Snapshot space is set to “Ranked choice voting”. This type of voting system is not always necessary as sometimes a simple choice vote would be preferred. By letting the author of any proposal choice the voting system, it gives the DAO members more flexibility in how we move proposals forward.


To encourage higher voting participation and flexibility.


In the Voting section on the FD Snapshot settings page (Snapshot), the Snapshot space admin(s) will change the Type from “Ranked choice voting” to “Any”.


Author choice on voting system will allow for more flexibility and simplicity for proposals.


The author may choose a voting system that doesn’t make sense for the type of proposal itself. There will also be less standards around proposals.


We will know the proposal is successful when the author of a new proposal can choose their voting system themselves.