Proposal Process Discussion

While having an open snapshot, where the vote goes up directly to the DAO for final decision, provides permission-less flow of ideas and offers immediate action, it can also be taken advantage of and slow actual productivity…

For example, disgruntled token holder could easily put up multiple proposals not causing any real harm but being a hindrance to actual proposals.

While this hasn’t happened and hopefully it never does, we should consider what should be done in the event it does.

In the meantime, rather than restricting our current free reign on our snapshot space we should consider putting props forward only if they have previously had a forum up for at least one week and has received responses.

We should pick a specific day of the week to batch DAO proposals (similar to how ape DAO does), unless there is an emergency/time sensitive prop.

Should this theoretical process be agreeable, I will draft a proposal and include any comments you add, before we put a final one forward on snapshot.

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People don’t know that this forum even exists. The discord is literally people talking shit about pump and dumps and scam projects most of the time. We should push people towards discourse when it comes to things on topic of the DAO. Who ever owns the discourse, it needs categories added such as “New Proposal.” Another good resource would be a proposal outline that people could fill out with clear instructions. One thing I would like to see are pros and CONS in proposals if applicable.

As to the batching of proposals that’s fine, I personally would prefer a weekend.


That’s a good point, forum is underused for the number of token holders we have

Love this idea! OR love having away to filter/approve proposals before they get thrown up on snapshot.