Adopt an official Gitbook of Founder's DAO Assets

One of the communications committee’s projects has been cataloguing and organizing the DAO’s assets in a more digestible and viewable format.

We have created a gitbook for this purpose, which is nearing completion. Before putting the gitbook up for a vote to become the DAO’s official place for displaying it’s assets, the communications committee would like to put the draft form out for feedback, before putting it up for a formal proposal.

Please review over the next 7 days and provide any constructive feedback on content, tone, style, presentation or any omissions from the vault that should be added.

Link: The Founder's DAO Vault - Founder's DAO Vault

As part of this proposal we will also be proposing a small allocation of funds to pay for a group gitbook membership, as well as several other tools and budget items for the communications committee over the next year.

Thank you!

Zentensivist and the Communications Committee

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Great work, it’s awesome seeing everything in one place. Can you add a section for the coins we hold? $PUNKS, $POW, $APE. I’m not sure if it’s possible but, you might be able to embed a price oracle from coingecko or dextools into the page as well.


Will be very helpful!

I’d suggest that making a separate website just for FD assets is only going to scatter the knowledge more than it is today.

I think we should work with Denze, and incorporate his work with what you guys have created. There’s got to be more centralization on the communications.

oh wow this is really nice :smiley: