Founders Finding Revenue

This thread is an area to discuss ideas to generate revenue for our DAO.

Current Holdings
As it stands, the founders DAO owns the following highly liquid and verified erc-20 assets:

"Highest Value" erc-721/1155 Ownership:


Some of these NFTs may be better served liquidated.

Disscuss :right_anger_bubble:
How does holding Otherdeeds benefit our DAO as a whole?

Why should we hold the robot Abu ape & Mutant? Are we gonna make an animated film with it? Use its IP in some way?
Disney — Don't do it, Abu.

Our smaller, niche holdings like “The Currency” could be listed for ETH. What do you think?

And, I know we all love $APE but it should not necessarily be our DAO’s primary holding as it is highly volatile. This does not mean we have to sell it. But, it does mean that we need to look for ways to get more liquidity if we want to hold it. I’ve learned the hard way not to faze yuga, so maybe don’t liquidate our position but find ways to increase it :brain:

Past/Passed Proposal (PPP)
We have previously passed a proposal to “initialize a lighthouse validator” for 32 ETH. This would currently generate an approximate yield of 4-5% annually, which for 32 ETH is an average of ~1.6 ETH/yr. This is a satisfactory revenue, but it is hard to implement with the physical resource requirements for a primarily virtual based DAO. Secondly, we currently lack the necessary Ethereum to act upon this proposal. There is an alternate solution of utizing Lido.Fi which provides a liquid stake in ETH2 aka “the consensus layer”. This would probably be a good fit for our DAO and is also used by Nouns DAO. Lido currently generates a 4% APR for stETH holders.

Other Revenue Ideas

  • Looks Rare
    An under-rated champion of the NFT space, staking $LOOKS offers us an ample yield of >60% per annum. However, it does come with token price volatility as well as token dilution ($APE does too) but nearly 50% of looks is already circulation versus the approximate 29% with $APE. So, it is does not face the same level of dilution risk of our current holdings.
    Source: CoinMarketCap

  • APE/ETH UniswapV3 LP

    With $APE being our largest holding, why not generate yield on it by providing liquidity? $APE is high volume, high volatility, low TVL, and consequently high fee yielding for liquidity providers.

  • Lido.Fi

    As mentioned earlier, Lido offers a simpler solution to staking. As simple as swapping $APE for $STETH, we could set aside 32 ETH and generate yield in the meantime while we look for physical solutions for our lighthouse validator.

  • NFT Royalties
    While the volume for PVFD tokens is not high 7.5% is still a high ask + market place fees. Why does this royalty not feed into the DAO wallet? Would it not better serve the DAO as it’s own entity and benefit all holders including the >1K held by pixel vault. Pixel Vault would still own that royalty through their stake in the DAO and would have the power to vote to withdraw it via snapshot.

Opinion: I think we should steer away from issuing any of our NFTs as a DAO to generate revenue. Though we are a separate entity from PV, our efforts at our current stage would likely dilute the brand.

If you have some ideas share them below, and lets build a more balanced portfolio! Pow! :boom:

We need to create FD-appropriate products that draw interest to the DAO and create sources of revenue through primary and secondary sales.

  1. FD pfp: We know Odious is working on a pixel art design for the FD pfp. Awesome. My suggestion is to double the number of available mints from 5902 (the total number of FD tokens) to 11804. All FD token holders get one free mint and one paid mint. All proceeds from the mint go to the FD wallet. All secondary sales go to the FD wallet. This becomes a source of revenue, identity, and sub-membership. We could create additional channels just for the pfp holders (if this sounds a lot like Moonbirds, well, it is!).
  2. Merch: I know this is in the works, but let’s create some merch that gets people excited. Tie in an NFT and possible forging concepts?!
  3. PV-derivative project funding: This is a more strategic idea, but we should accept proposals from community members to fund development of PV-derivative projects. We provide upfront funding, then receive part of primary and secondary sales.

When we degen, we degen hard! Why not donate some of that degenery to the FD wallet? If someone donated a Goblin after mint, we’d be sitting on an asset worth ~5 ETH! Sure, it might be worth .05 ETH in a month, but it could also turn into the next BAYC.

Why would someone donate? Great question. Can we gamify donations? Who’s donated the highest volume of assets? Who’s donated the most valuable assets?! Which donations have increased the most in value? We can reward these donors with custom NFTs, additional mints in upcoming drops, or assets from our vault.

And the Founder’s DAO started with donations! Nearly all of our assets were donated by Beanie, GFunk, and others. Let’s keep this legacy going.