Founder's DAO Improvement Proposal - Staking the PVFD Metahero's

Title: Stake the PVFD Metaheros
Author: WestCoastWalker
Type: Wallet Action
Implementer: Founder’s DAO Community Members, PVFD keyholders
Created: March 11, 2022

Summary: After 3 days of official discussion on the forum (discussion), as well as plenty of discussion on Discord, it seems unanimous that he PVFD would like to stake our two Metahero’s to generate a $POW reward for the PVFD. Our two Metahero’s are; Core - Array 1 and Generative - #1

Abstract: If the vote passes, the current keyholders of the PVFD will initiate the staking of our two Metahero’s. This will allow us to accumulate $POW.

Motivation: Our Metahero’s are doing nothing sitting in our wallet. As of now, their purpose is to be staked for $POW. We should be utilizing these assets and stake them to earn roughly 50,000 in $POW rewards for the PVFD. Additionally, time is of the essence. Everyday we wait, the fewer $POW we will generate for the PVFD.

Specification: Keyholders of the PVFD will stake our Metahero’s for the remainder of the pool 1 staking period. Pool 1 will end roughly June 5, 2022.

Benefits: We will earn the PVFD roughly 50,000 in $POW rewards for the remainder of the pool1 staking period.

Drawbacks: Nothing noted.

Outcomes: This proposal would be successful if at the end of the pool 1 staking period (June 5ish), we have generated roughly 50,000 in $POW for the PVFD.

Please reply if you have anything to add/subtract to this proposal or if you have any general comments or concerns.



Makes sense! I don’t see any real downside. +1


Yep, let’s do it. Is this the process to make a new proposal?


Ya, I think we submit an offical proposal like this - give it a day or two - then ill post on the snapshot voting page


+1 The sooner we start this vote the better. Great job putting this together!


This is a no brainer. I’m ready for the vote!

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+1 let’s do it, no brainer

Dumb question – do we already have the ETH to make this transaction? Is there a place I can view our current ETH holdings


we have 1.4 eth right now

Do we claim $POW at all in the process?
I think staking is important to as fast as possible as maybe (as rumored) staking rewards could increase before the end of phase 1

+1 Great idea. It will provide a utility

I’m in on it! Let’s get staked

+1 let’s do it. (first ever comment in The DAO)