PVFD Staking for the Planets Held in the DAO Wallet

A question arises: how to best serve the individual DAO token holders, as well as support future growth and engagement to the UP DAO. Currently, foundersdao.eth holds the following planets:

Mercury - 97
Venus - 202
Earth - 73
Mars - 114
Jupiter - 2225
Saturn - 1899
Uranus - 918
Neptune - 908
Pluto - 48

This proposal would effectively put the DAO’s planets into a reward pool for DAO token stakers. This can be anywhere from 0 - 100 percent of the planets we hold. For example, if we decide to put 50% of our supply into a staking pool, then anyone who stakes their PFVD has a chance to win the available planets and the remaining 50% will remain in the DAO wallet.

Technical Implementation:
Similar to how the randomization was implemented for metahero cores distribution with Chainlink VRF so would this staking distribution be done.

The planets would be able to be claimed from the new metahero website should this proposal pass and Pixel Vault agrees to support and host this.

Why should we stake our DAO tokens for planets instead of keep all planets in the DAO wallet?

  1. When we think of the hierarchical structure of UP DAO, it may be difficult to implement the voting power of the planets contained in the DAO wallet. (This is a question for developers. Is it possible to implement a voting structure where by a PVFD holder votes with their DAO token and that vote also has the voting power of the planets listed above?)

  2. This will allow us to weed out inactive PVFD holders.

  3. It is more decentralized to distribute the voting power of planets to individual DAO members rather than have the Founder’s DAO (“a federal-like entity”) hold them.

  4. While the quorum for our current founder’s DAO snapshot is only ~8% we can often have a hard time meeting it on easy yet important proposals. This should not carry over into UP DAO as well.

While I am not particularly a fan of lotteries and randomness, we can all discuss ideas in this thread of ways fairly distribute the planets to active and engaged DAO token holders perhaps without using a staking/lottery system…

Looking forward to hearing ideas from fellow PVFD holders!

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A staking mechanism for PVFD tokens should be in place in order for people to have the ability to vote on any snapshot proposals. As to the idea of rewarding people with other DAO tokens I think that this isn’t the right approach. It would be smarter to have planets remain in the foundersdao wallet and instead we were to vote on UPDAO proposals via foundersdao.

By siphoning out planet DAO tokens you are ultimately also lowering the value of the PVFD wallet and the power of PVFD.

I’m pretty sure PVFD has the power to figure out a system such as where by staking your PVFD you are “rewarded” with planet DAO tokens. You don’t get to keep them, the PVFD wallet does however you somehow get control of the voting for those planets based on how long and or how many pvfd tokens you’ve staked.

I hope I am making sense. Some kind of system that lends planet DAO tokens to pvfd stakers in a way that they can use them but can’t keep them.


I like the idea of rewarding community for commitment to the DAO. But staking feels too passive. How can we lean into more active membership? Whether through challenges, mini games, contests, or annual awards, there are ways to use DAO assets to improve community engagement and broader market awareness.

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This is the kinda stuff I was looking for. Contest completely slipped my mind. This would also fix the issue with not being able to vote since the token would be staked. Do you have game ideas in mind?

Yeah that is a tricky problem: staking but also being able to vote… However, I do not think the siphoning off the planets will lower the value as the the tokens will still yield to PVFD holders, more directly. And also, we would not necessarily make all of the planets owned by the DAO available. The DAO could still retain a comfy amount. It would be up to the DAO to vote an agreeable percentage that could be used in a pool for staking or competitions as @SpaceWalk mentioned.

As for being “rewarded” the voting power of the planet tokens but not actually owning the planet tokens, it sounds theoretically possible. But would be tricky to implement on-chain without diluting with placeholder tokens.

  1. I’d love to see a Lore game – people write Lore based on the assets held. Could we come up with a competition to tell the story about how the FD Crystal was found?!
  2. Art competition – can we get some community submissions using those assets?
  3. Puzzle? We have an amazing puzzle maker in the community (Kingmaker) … could we commission him to build a puzzle for the community that gets people engaged? Maybe they find various assets from our vault?

These ideas aren’t mind-blowing or novel. But you get the idea!