Mintpass 2 PVFD

Recently, 6147 Planets were transferred to PVFD holdings. The planets are eligible to claim 1 Mintpass #2 per planet, and so PVFD would be able to claim at least 6147 MP#2 (possibly a few more given rewards for holding genesis set, etc.). Given the 5,902 PVFD Tokens, I would propose that each PVFD Token is allowed to claim 1 Mintpass #2. All excess MP#2 (minimum of 245) as well as any unclaimed MP#2 (would have a deadline to claim) would be sent to PVFD.

This proposal would continue to bring tangible value to PVFD token holders. This is particularly important as we continue to grow the PV community, as new members contemplating joining the PVFD community want to see both short term and long term return on their investment.


Sure, I suppose I dont disagree with this.

However, it’s currently worth 0.12 to each PVFD holder (minus fees). I’d rather the DAO use them to raise the value of the PVFD token overall. Not sure what the marketing, etc is to do this, but I’m sure PV can figure out utility. I think the longer-term value of the Dao might be the better play.


I like the idea to cash smth out from time to time to the PVFDs.
My opinion is, that it’s too early. We should keep them and create some amazing Tier7 Sidekicks.


I don’t think we should remove any value from the FD for at least a year.


We could in theory turn those mint passes into 878 tier7 Sidekicks. I do like the idea of each holder receiving an additional mint pass, though. I think if there was more knowledge about the tier system, we could probably work to create some of the highest leveled sidekicks in the universe.

I believe a hybrid model could maximize the value to PVFD holders. I say “hybrid” to describe a model with a majority of assets held by the DAO, but also implementing a strategy to reward PVFD holders by dispersing assets to the individual holders on a periodic basis. However, disbursements would need to be carefully considered, e.g., if these were done every 6 months, then a snapshot for that disbursement would have been taken 6 months prior. This discourages short-term flippers. I recommend this model because I believe this would also increase the value of the PVFD NFT, thus raising the price.

I like this - can we somehow vote on this? or maybe we did already this is kinda old.