Community Generated Content Initiative

Community generated content is an incredibly valuable asset for any community. This type of grass roots content is very authentic and is often a reflection of an engaged and passionate community. It’s also a powerful tool for educating and growing a community - which is particularly useful for an ecosystem as intricate and engaging as Pixel Vault.

We, the communications committee, believe creating and supporting a ‘community generated content’ program is a great way to create awareness and education of our brands. We also believe an important use case for the Founder’s DAO treasury can be supporting important community initiatives like this.

Therefore, to encourage the development of community content, the Founder’s DAO communications committee proposes creating a reward pool of 200 MintPass 2’s that will be used as rewards for creating specific types of content that will advance our Pixel Vault ecosystems. The communications committee will develop content challenges that community members will be able to create and submit to the community. Once a challenge has ended, we will post all content creators into a proposal on Snapshot where the community can vote on the distribution of rewards. We imagine doing four challenges, each with 50 MP2’s available as rewards. Some challenges will be open-ended (show us your ideas!) and others will be content specific (Founders DAO branding). Community content can include: videos, articles, memes, youtube videos, podcasts, spaces, educational resources, and more!

One example of truly excellent community generated content has been the MetaVault podcast and newsletter. MetaVault has been an extremely valuable resource for the entire Pixel Vault community. Not only does it keep the community up to date on all the happenings of the Pixel Vault ecosystem, but it has also aided in bringing in new members to our community - educating and inspiring them to get involved. As a sign of appreciation, the communication committee - along with the community’s support - would like to retroactively reward MetaVault for their amazing contribution to the Pixel Vault community. We propose rewarding the MetaVault team with a total of 12 Mint Pass 2’s. These 12 MP2’s would be in addition to 200 MP2’s mentioned above.

But how will this community content initiative drive value to the Founders DAO? The Founder’s DAO has significant asset holdings of both the Metahero Universe, via its many MP2’s and planets, as well as its 9.8% stake in UPDAO; and the Punks Comic ecosystem with its holdings of 25,000,000 $PUNKS tokens. Members of the DAO also have significant individual holdings of these assets. Therefore, community generated content that advances these ecosystems directly benefits both the DAO treasury and individual holders’ assets.

Proposal: Create a reward pool of 200 Mint Pass 2’s for a community generated content program that will be managed by the communication committee. In addition to the 200 Mint Pass 2’s for the reward pool, we would like to reward the MetaVault team with 12 additional Mint Pass 2’s.

seems like a fine idea. We could use all the awareness we could get at the moment.

This is a great proposal. I think with the large amount of assets in the FD Vault, it would be great to use them as rewards to those who generate content for the community.

Would the 200 mint passes be transferring to a different wallet if this passes? If so, who controls that wallet and what are the security measures? I think it is better to keep it in the foundersdao.eth wallet until more specifics about where the passes are going are determined.

In the future, please include more specifics on the proposed transactions that would occur, such as wallet address and token amounts for proposed transactions as well as links to the content for why they are being rewarded.

I do think the Metavault podcast should be rewarded for their work and am good with that piece of the proposal but not cool with transferring 200 passes out of the foundersdao.eth wallet to a separate wallet.