Grant the larger Pixel Vault community read-only access to the Founder’s DAO discord for the next 30 days


The Founder’s DAO is the heart of the Pixel Vault community and the most vibrant online space where Pixel Vault-related discussions occur. Vibrant online communities are essential for growth, education and engagement and I believe that keeping the Founder’s DAO community invisible behind a token-gated discord may be detracting from the greater Pixel Vault ecosystem. This also materially detracts from the Founder’s DAO, given that the DAO holds primarily Pixel Vault assets and has a primary interest in advancing, promoting and building alongside the larger PV ecosystem.

I propose a 30-day period where the Founder’s DAO channel would be open, with read-only access to all members of the Pixel Vault discord. Members of the discord could view the Founder’s DAO main channel chat, but could only post if they held a Founder’s DAO token.


Despite the excellent work and continual presence of the moderator team, the general Pixel Vault and UPDAO chats see a very low volume of chat activity, and few daily active users outside the moderator team and Founder’s DAO members.

In contrast, the Founder’s DAO main channel is lively 24 hours a day with news, speculation and discussion largely related to Punks Comic, Inhabitants Universe and other Pixel Vault related discussion, in addition to discussion about the larger crypto and web3 space.

While access to the Founder’s DAO discord channel is a key benefit to holding a Founder’s DAO token, I believe that it is possible that hiding all DAO discussion behind a token-gated channel actually detracts from the DAO’s progress toward its goals of promoting and generating excitement about the Pixel Vault ecosystem, given that vast majority of all value in the DAO wallet is held in Pixel Vault assets–and this is set to increase further with the proposal to sell BAYC assets and purchase more inhabitants.

As an experiment to see if this might be case, I propose a 30-day trial of opening up the Founder’s DAO main discord channel to allow for read-only access to any member of the Pixel Vault discord.

I believe this would potentially be a net positive for the Founder’s DAO for several reasons:

  1. It would allow the larger community, both within Pixel Vault and the NFT community at large to see how active the Founder’s DAO discord remains even in a bear market
  2. It would allow people to view and experience discussions that happen in the Founder’s DAO around the strategic decision making and game theory that is the hallmark of the Pixel Vault ecosystem.
  3. While engaging, the complexity of the ecosystem can be daunting and allowing people to view the ongoing discussion within the Founder’s DAO could spur interest and help onboard new members. As a result it may generate both more interest in the Founder’s DAO, and in the larger Pixel Vault ecosystem, both of which would ultimately benefit the DAO. It may spur more activity within the Pixel Vault general chat

Potential downsides include:

  1. Part of the value of the Founder’s DAO token lies in access to the exclusive discord channel. Making this access less exclusive could detract from this specific aspect
  2. The Founder’s DAO channel can be a site of criticism and open discussion, some of which the community and Pixel Vault may prefer to not be entirely open to the public. Having the channel open with read-only access could cause members to be less open within the channel.

I believe that a trial period would be an effective way to mitigate any downside risks. If we find that the potential benefits fail to materialize, or if the downsides outweigh the upside, the read-only period will expire and the DAO can choose to allow the Founder’s DAO to remain closed. If this experiment is seen as a positive, the Founder’s DAO could choose to extend it or make it permanent, but this would require an active choice. I see little possible permanent downside risk to a trial period of this length.


We should vote on this, but I feel like we should maybe just be more active in the General channel. A lot of other NFT projects have private channels for holders, and I kind of like it that way. I wish the FoundersDAO got some exclusive drops from other artists in the space. It would add a lot of value to the FoundersDAO, and give us all something else to do while we wait for the game to drop.