Zentensivist to remain on Communications Committee following expiration of one year term

I (Zentensivist https://twitter.com/zentensivist) would like to remain a member of the Founder’s DAO communications committee following the expiration of my initial one year term, which is set to expire April 1, 2023. This requires a community vote, and this proposal is to seek community approval to remain on the committee for an additional one year term.

The last year has been a challenging one for the DAO, but I remain as committed as ever to helping the DAO succeed, both as the center of gravity of the Pixel Vault community and as an independent entity with its own goals and aspirations.

To make the case for staying on, I put forward some of the accomplishments I am proud to have led or contributed to this year:

  • I conceived of and helped to implement the Community Content challenge, which helped to inspire and reward such tools as the Dot Builder (Pixel Vault Inhabitants DOT Preview Builder Tool), DOT rarity tools (Inhabitants Universe: Tools), and Bevs’ initial video series before being hired by Pixel Vault.

  • I am the primary author of the Founder’s DAO gitbook (The Founder's DAO Vault - Founder's DAO Vault, unfortunately not adopted as an official Founder’s DAO document due to not reaching quorum during the summer doldrums of 2022)

  • From the months of approximately August 2022 to February 2023 I primarily operated the Founder’s DAO twitter account, and helped grow it from inception to over 4,000 followers.

  • I have authored a regular series of threads educating, updating and promoting the Punks Comic and Inhabitants Universe. The most recent example of this was an explainer of the Reboot Whitepaper which has garnered nearly 60,000 impressions on Twitter (https://twitter.com/zentensivist/status/1631363143824977921)

Goals for next year, should I stay on:

  • Continue my primary current role as a writer and communicator to educate and promote the Founder’s DAO and broader Pixel Vault ecosystem, as this represents the primary value of the DAO’s collection of assets.

  • Continue finding innovative ways to reward community generated content from DAO members

  • Re-submit the Founder’s DAO gitbook for approval as an official Founder’s DAO document, and continue to keep it updated as a resource both for DAO members and as a marketing tool to dislay our impressive holdings.

  • Establish a closer link with the executive committee to do more education and promotion around DAO specific activities

No brainer, easy yes.

Thankyou for everything you’ve worked on this past year, and look forward to seeing what develops in the next!