FDIP - Communications Committee (DRAFT Proposal for discussion)

Founder’s DAO Improvement Proposal - Communications Committee (DRAFT for discussion)

Co-Authors: Jacob Wittman (@jakewittman), WestCoastWalker, Yeetcity.eth, zentensivist, Economist, Arrahateck, MickyD.eth, MelvinCapital.eth, RustySailor
Type: Structural
Implementor: Pixel Vault, Inc.; Founder’s DAO Tokenholders
Created Date: March 21, 2022



This proposal seeks to create a communications committee (the “Committee”) for the Founder’s DAO (“DAO”) that will oversee communications platforms and strategies. Additionally, the Committee shall be charged with overseeing the DAO brand architect, which will be further outlined in an forthcoming proposal. The committee should consist of three (3) to five (5) DAO tokenholders and one (1) additional position for a Pixel Vault, Inc. (”Pixel Vault”) representative.

This proposal provides that the following Founder’s DAO tokenholders will serve as the inaugural representatives of the Committee:

  • WestCoastWalker
  • MickyD.eth
  • RustySailor
  • Zentensivist
  • MelvinCapital.eth
  • Rotating Pixel Vault representative


Communications are pivotal to the success of any organization, including decentralized autonomous organizations. Currently, Pixel Vault is the only platform that communicates on behalf of the DAO. Establishing a separate communications platform that can represent the interests of the DAO is necessary for the DAO to grow beyond its current status.

Communications Platforms

The Committee shall oversee which communications platforms are officially adopted by the DAO. For example, Pixel Vault has reserved the “@FoundersDAO” Twitter handle for use by the DAO. The Committee shall (1) adopt this handle as the official Twitter for the DAO, (2) establish proper security measures in protecting the log-in credentials and (3) nominate certain Committee representatives to oversee the day-to-day social media management of the Twitter handle. Further, the Committee shall oversee the adoption of a native DAO Discord channel, Medium channel and other channels as the Committee may see necessary from time to time.

Committee Charter

Second, the Committee must adhere to the Communications Committee Charter, which is in draft form here (link). This charter shall seek to be a guidepost for current and future Committee representatives, as they seek to scale the DAO communications channels properly and efficiently.

Committee Fees

The DAO should seek to engage with individuals who are (1) passionate about communications and (2) have the necessary skills to effectively scale the communications platforms and strategies. In order to capture the most optimal talent, and in consideration for the services provided, the Committee representatives should receive value each month.

The estimated time per month that each Committee representative will spend on DAO matters is approximately 10 to 20 hours. Our proposal is that each Committee representative receive two (2) Jupiter tokens per month so long as such person continues to serve as a representative on the Committee. The DAO currently owns 2,235 Jupiter tokens, and as of today, each is valued at 0.08 ETH (or approximately $250 USD). With no more than five (5) committee representatives serving at any time, this equates to 10 Jupiter tokens per month, or 120 per year. Furthermore, as of today’s value, this equates to approximately $500 per month in value that each Committee representative will receive. This will be the target compensation for a Committee representative and may be adjusted from time to time through a separate FDIP (or through delegation to a Finance Committee in the future) should the market value of the Jupiter tokens materially change. For the avoidance of doubt, any Pixel Vault service provider serving on the Committee as the Pixel Vault representative will not receive any tokens hereunder.

Inaugural Communications Committee

This proposal proposes that the following individuals serve as the initial representatives of the Committee and shall only be replaced in accordance with the terms of the Charter:


WestCoastWalker is a valuable and engaged member of the Founder’s DAO community. In addition to his professional work as a Director of Admissions and Basketball coach, he has also had multiple blockchain-based employment opportunities that are relevant to this being a representative on the Committee. The first opportunity was as a brand and community manager for an Ethereum p2p sports betting exchange called ‘Degens’ and the second was with Dharma as a customer service rep. We feel that WestCoastWalker is a great fit to serve as a representative on the Committee because of his dedication and commitment to Founder’s DAO as well as his experience in and outside of the blockchain ecosystem.


I have a background in computer engineering and technical program management. I have worked both roles in a variety of different industries. Beyond the traditional aspects of engineering and management, I have also published novel research in scientific conferences and journals. My unique technical depth, combined with my breadth of experience and social acumen, have prepared me to tackle the unique challenges of the fast-moving Web 3 space.

On a more personal note… I’m Rusty (echo “Hi Rusty”). I’ve been in PV since last Summer. I enjoy whisky, fast cars, sports, and NFTs.


MickyD’s experience will be a valuable addition to the Committee. In addition to being a Founder’s DAO Tokenholder since Day 1 of the Comic #1 burn, MickyD’s professional accolades speak for themselves:

  • Experience growing social media accounts (previous co-owner of 18 Instagram pages that totalled just over 1 million followers).
  • Experience running paid social ads.
  • Experience creating Facebook, Instagram and Discord Bots.
  • High Twitter engagement amongst the PV community (see: @mickyd_eth)


I work as a physician ILD, but before medicine have done copywriting work for Nike, and have published reporting as a journalist, works of narrative creative nonfiction, and in the academic literature within the fields of computational biology and cancer epidemiology.

I’m not very active on twitter, but once wrote a megathread on the Founder’s DAO (https://twitter.com/zentensivist/status/1489155790581555201) that has been retweeted 132 times and has almost 50,000 impressions, despite my having only around 50 followers when I wrote it.

As a side project this year I helped manage communications and served as the community manager at launch for the Ducks of a Feather NFT project (https://ducksofafeather.xyz/), where we grew our discord from 0 to over 8,000 in 3 days and sold out our project of 120 NFTs, which currently sits with a floor of > 5 eth a month out from mint.

I am a day 1 Punks Comic Minter, day 1 PFVD burner, and active discord member. I’d be honored to help craft both the externally facing communications strategy for the PVFD, as well as improve our internal communication channels with the goal of maximizing governance participation.


Melvincapital.eth has 8 years of experience as a software engineer with additional background in product management. He has worked for Mastercard, Priceline, and various startups. He has always kept his eye on traditional finance (hence the name) and is even more excited about Web 3 and anxious to see those products that emerge from the space that truly improve our lives. Melvin’s been a Founder’s Dao member since day one and an active one!

He is currently observing what it takes to grow a twitter account and discovering his niche within crypto twitter. He is also teaching himself solidity. Melvincapital does not own any gamestop positions at this time of writing :slight_smile:

Pixel Vault, Inc. Representative

Although this spot will rotate, it is Pixel Vault’s intention that the Economist serve in this role and be engaged directly with the Committee. In his absence, Pixel Vault will send another employee qualified to engage.


To establish a communications platform and strategy outside of Pixel Vault, Inc.; to create a large online audience by DAO tokenholders, for DAO tokenholders; to identify opportunities to scale the DAO communications strategy and grow the community


This proposal seeks to establish DAO’s communications platform apart from Pixel Vault, Inc., which has been the voice of the community until this time. Having a separate communications strategy and platform will help the DAO scale effectively.


Having a separate communications strategy will require time and dedication that DAO tokenholders may not have; however, by adding a small incentive mechanism, we look to have engaged representatives of the community participate on this committee. Another drawback is operations and implementation amongst DAO tokenolders. The communications committee will have to take great care in protecting the login information for the platforms as to prevent any scams/attacks on the community.


The goal for this proposal is to establish a DAO-specific communications platform that will efficiently scale the DAO beyond its current status. The optimal outcomes include (1) having large online communities in DAO-owned social platforms, (2) the production of high quality communications content that drives new ecosystem members to engage with the DAO and (3) informing DAO members across multiple communications channels of new governance proposals and voting deadlines with the goal of maximizing governance participation.


This sounds great. Would love to be involved in the future.

I’ve spent most of my career in sports journalism. First as a newspaper reporter. Then as a digital media writer and editor, and eventually as an operator overseeing strategy and operations for large teams.

I also have worked for three NFL teams in marketing and public relations. And marketing for two large sportsbooks. I’ve also spent time as a copy editor. Two of my biggest areas of expertise are content distribution and social media.

I am a genesis set and planet set holder. I hold other PV assets also.


I’d just like to add my two cents to this. I think having this committee will be tremendously valuable for the PVFD. Having a group focused on communications, branding, etc will really help establish our footprint, spread awareness, and execute more efficiently. All of this work ideally flows back in value to all PVFD token holders. I for one am all about clear communications and consistent branding, and I will be damn sure that we have superb communications, branding, content. Also, I am a PVFD bag holder and I am very motivated to make the PVFD a smashing success. I hope this committee has the support of the PVFD community. Cheers, fam.


I am interested to learn what the committee’s vision is for the founders DAO in their first term, and excited to be here on the ground floor with you all.

I can only speak for me, but establishing and maintaining communication channels (twitter, medium, etc) for the PVFD, as well as creating strategies for growing and supporting our community is our fist goal. Additionally, I believe working with the community on creating a vision, mission statement and brand is of utmost importance. Understanding our purpose and creating thoughtful, consistent branding/messaging is foundational to long term success -imho of course!

But what do I want the PVFD to be? Fun question! This is all up to the community first, and I think there are a lot of smart, passionate people who have some great ideas. We will discover our Why together. But me personally, Id like to see the PVFD be one of PV’s biggest supporters, advocates and collectors. We leverage our talents and assets to help grow and support PV and its products (ancillary ones too), ultimately driving value back to the PVFD. Additionally, I think the PVFD could offer a service of its own, possibly to other communities or creators (I have no idea what, but just feels like there will be an opportunity there if we are successful). Lots of potential!



Thanks for the considered response!
I agree with the DAO supporting PV, this is sensible.
Your motivation is contagious, this is a great opportunity for us and if I can be of use as an artist or art director, please let me know.

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Would a weekly Youtube live stream or short educational videos made and put up frequently help? I know many like to be educated via videos, short and concise. I would advise we need more, and or different, ways to communicate besides twitter/discord. The more diverse the medium, the better we target a large number of people with different learning styles.


Absolutely! I think that is the stuff this committee will put together for sure! I’m hoping to host a few fireside chat type events. Possibly a weekly YouTube show like you mention. Those things are definitely on my mind.