Proposal to add 2 members to fill vacancies on the communications committee


The communications committee currently has 3 members, out a maximum of 5 possible members. We seek to add two committee members with skills in video presentation and hosting live, online community events. We recommend two DAO members–Bevs and Villainsky–to fill these roles. Via this forum we seek community discussion on these nominations, as well as providing an opportunity for other DAO members who may wish to be considered.

Overview and Proposed New Communications Committee Members:

The Founder’s DAO Communications Committee currently has 2 vacant spots and we would like to put forth a proposal to fill them. Please see the previously passed proposal establishing the committee for a description of the committee’s purpose, compensation and other details (Snapshot).

The Communications Committee would like to thank Rusty Sailor and MickyD for their valuable service on the Communications Committee over the last several months, and recommend adding two community members Bevs ( and Villainsky ( to fill their vacant roles. The Communications Committee has a significant need for their skills and interests in video communications and live audio hosting and we believe both the community and the committee would benefit greatly from their addition. Their brief biographies are below:


I’m a video marketing professional with 10+ years of industry experience, including managing social media for one of Australia’s largest sporting franchises. I’m currently employed as global head of video at a multi-billion dollar consulting firm, where I work alongside some internationally recognised marketers to deliver content for global marketing campaigns and major partnerships.

I am a Pixel Vault maxi, and have a deep understanding of PV’s many offerings. I’d love the opportunity to join the talented PVFD comms committee and to build together with all of you. I believe we can use the power of video to cut through the noise of the NFT space, and effectively communicate the Pixel Vault ecosystem. Driving value to the PVFD, and all PV NFTs.

See the following posts for examples of Bevs previous work creating videos within the Pixel Vault ecosystem:


First off, I’m honored and excited to be considered for joining the PVFD communications committee. Although I’m fairly new to PVFD, I’ve been a part of the Pixel Vault ecosystem since October 2021. I’m no whale, or even dolphin, but PV is my largest bag. I currently host a Twitter Spaces for the PV community on Saturdays at 1030am PST in which 100s of people have joined. It’s something I enjoy hosting immensely, and would be happy to do the same specifically for PVFD and it’s members. I’m based in Orange County California, and studied civil engineering.

I’m 31 and currently work as a Project Manager for one of the largest Construction companies globally. My communication background is heavily chiselled by me being a Project Manager wearing man hats and also running a few startups myself. I enjoy networking, socializing and learning about people and their story, which has been why the community spaces has been so much fun. My motivation for joining the community is that Pixel Vault is built around fair governance technology and distribution, as well as the possible gaming economy they are building for us and future generations. The core reason I believe in NFTs and Web3 is the transparency and ownership it provides to the community, and try to invest in the projects that focus on community governance, fair distribution and diverse inclusion. I love that PVFD’s culture is centered around this, and that it’s working alongside Pixel Vault to accomplish these grand endeavors.

See below for the community space hosted most recently by Villainsky:

Proposed Process for Nominating new Committee Members:

While the Communications Committee recommends these individuals to join the Communications Committee given their clear commitment, interest and critical skill sets, we want to open this up for community discussion, and for any other interested parties who we have not been in contact with to express their interest and qualifications as well.

The space below is for discussion of this planned proposal, and for community members interested in serving on the committee to reach out, express their interest and ask questions. The communications committee will ultimately decide on two candidates to put forward to a DAO vote in a proposal to formally add them as committee members.

I think we have lots of amazing community members in the Founders DAO. What I particularly like about Bevs and V is that they have put amazing work forward already. V has hosted a number of community spaces and Bevs has had some amazing creative content. I would absolutely support adding these two members, but I am open to considering others if they feel they are a better fit than the two who were nominated.

Hello fam.
After reading the amazing work and nominations for villainsky and bevs, I wanted to throw my hat in the ring.
I feel like communication is what connects us and while I may not have the videography or creative background as these homies, I do have technical experience and ability to grow.
I feel like an individuals contributions to any entity are amplified when allowed to associate with said specific entity (consider Beanie and how severing him has affected his influence in the space, for good reason, ofc). That being said, I feel my contribution to PV and the Founders Dao has never reflected price ambition, and has always been from my heart and can only hope to continue that goal of genuine community building, that I care about to my core.
If given the opportunity, whether as one of the 5 or as a non-commissioned back up, I’ll fill that role with pride. If not, well I’ll still be here shit posting in the dao and thinking of proposals.

  • Unwaivering respect and pride for PV as a genesis comic minter
  • Meme whipper-upper in PVFD (point of pride)
  • Willing to learn new software or use code to fill a void if needed for committee (BS Computer Science degree from UW 19’ as reinforcement of skill)
  • I own all the requisite gear to start filming/streaming/editing; from camera Lumix G7 to condenser mic and capture cards.
  • High energy is ez, especially when doing things I love.
  • legacy ‘instagram husband’ software included, will upgrade to tiktok update if given position here for further expansion of PV outreach.