Draft proposal to add two new members to the Communications Committee


The communications committee currently has 3 members, out a maximum of 5 possible. We seek to add two committee members with active online presences. We recommend two DAO members–Gooniebrad and Wiggles–to fill these roles. Via this forum we seek community discussion on these nominations, as well as providing an opportunity for other DAO members who may wish to be considered.

Overview and Proposed New Communications Committee Members:

The Founder’s DAO Communications Committee currently has 2 vacant spots and we would like to put forth a proposal to fill them. Please see the previously passed proposal establishing the committee for a description of the committee’s purpose, compensation and other details (Snapshot 3).

The Communications Committee would like to thank WestCoastWalker for his valuable service on the Communications Committee over the last several months, which included taking a lead role in the innovative Community Content Challenge.

The committee now seeks to add Gooniebrad (https://twitter.com/gooniebrad) and Wiggles (https://twitter.com/WigglesCEO) as members. Both are active community members with a significant Twitter presence, who we believe will be effective at both promoting the DAO on a day-to-day basis as well as coming up with creative initiatives moving forward.

Below are brief biographies and statements of interest.


I’ve been proud and passionate PixelVault community member since the very beginning. I was initially drawn to PixelVault by the IP which I think is the best in the space, but what really made it home for me was the people in the community that I interacted with on a daily basis and became my web3 family. My dedication in the discord server was recognised by Potamus and I was invited into the Moderator team. Data recently revealed by a PV staff member showed that I was the biggest supporter of PixelVault related content on Twitter over the last 30 day period - and honestly, I could even ramp that up from a PVFD perspective. I am really excited about the future of the PVFD and think my knowledge, passion and skills would be a benefit to the comms committee.


Hey all, it’s your friendly neighbourhood shitposter here! As most of you know I’ve been in Pixel Vault from the very beginning. The PVFD community is the one I have vibed with most in this space, and would love to represent. My background is in healthcare, which taught me many valuable lessons, specifically about having fun and staying positive while working through different challenges. Over the past couple of years through some close personal connections I transitioned into digital marketing, SEO, communications…and now full-time Web3. I feel like I would be a valuable communications committee member as I am strong in building relationships with different stakeholders within the NFTs/Web3 space. I also have a wide array of skills and knowledge relating to the NFT space. I look forward to building with you all, alongside Pixel Vault, and forming many great and rewarding partnerships for the PVFD. Wiggles out.

The current committee members believe that these two candidates are well-suited to roles on the communications committee. However, in the interest of inclusivity and transparency we also invite any other community members with interest to comment here or reach out directly to the Communications Committee members to express interest in being considered before a formal proposal is placed to a vote.