Executive Committee to Stand-Up DAO Business Strategy & Constitution

We are looking to collect feedback on a proposal to elect and compensate a temporary committee to create a business strategy and constitution for the Founders DAO. Please comment below. Cheers frens.

Proposal For Executive Committee to Stand-Up DAO Business Strategy & Constitution

This proposal seeks to elect an executive committee (the “Committee”) for the Founder’s DAO (“DAO”) that will oversee the development and finalization of the business strategy and the constitution for the DAO. Additionally, the Committee shall be charged with collecting feedback and community input about the business strategy and constitution before submitting it for final approval of adoption by the DAO. The committee should consist of (5) DAO tokenholders, and will disperse after the business strategy and constitution are completed. The hope is that a Steering Committee of (3) members will be elected and formed after to help manage and steer the DAO business ventures.

This proposal aims to start an election so that the DAO members can elect the (5) representatives who will define and complete a formal business strategy and constitution for the DAO to execute upon.

Business strategies and constitutions are pivotal to the success of any organization, including decentralized autonomous organizations. Currently, PVFD is looking to shape its brand, build income streams and scale its value. Establishing a specific committee that can represent the interests of DAO members is necessary for the community to quickly and definitively build our strategy and constitution to hand over to a steering committee to help manage and progress with the community.

Business Strategy & Constitution Launch Election Process:

  1. The Communications Committee will send a Google Survey out to all those within the FoundersDAO ?”The Communications Committee will create and post a survey for all members interested in being elected to the Executive Committee.”
  2. If a member is interested, they should complete the survey and submit it to be apart of the Snapshot To go with the above? “Interested members will need to complete the survey by the posted deadline in order to be a candidate in the election.”
  3. A Twitter Spaces for PVFD will be held to chat with any candidates that would like to share their vision for PVFD and experience with business strategy
  4. Members will be allowed to share their portfolio or anything else that will help their chances within the discord or in the forum section of the proposal.
  5. Snapshot will be used to vote in the (5) members on this temporary Executive Committee to create the business plan and constitution

The election will take place through Snapshot. A google survey will be sent out to all DAO members so they can apply for the committee.

Committee Charter

Second, the Committee must adhere to the Communications Committee Charter, which is in draft form here (link 5). This charter shall seek to be a guidepost for current and future Committee representatives, as they seek to scale the DAO communications channels properly and efficiently.

Committee Fees

The DAO should seek to engage with individuals who are (1) passionate about communications and (2) have the necessary skills to effectively scale the communications platforms and strategies. In order to capture the most optimal talent, and in consideration for the services provided, the Committee representatives should receive value each month.

The estimated time per month that each Committee representative will spend to draft up the final business strategy and constitution is approximately 10 - 20 hours. Our proposal is that each Committee representative receive $500 worth of $APE Coin so long as such person is a part of the completed version of the Founders DAO business strategy and constitution. Each member will be paid $500 in APE after the proposal to instate the business strategy and constitution has passed via Snapshot vote.

Committee Suggested Experience

This proposal proposes that the elected committee members who serve should have the necessary experience and can commit the 10-20 hours time as soon as the proposal is passed. Committee members will have the ability to vote out someone of their own committee if necessary.

Experience that is a plus:

  • Experience with business strategy, project management/controls or sales marketing is required.
  • An experience with managing assets and IP development
  • An active members within the discord and overall Founders DAO activities
  • Business Ownership
  • Startup experience
  • Creative directing and developmentProposal For Executive Committee to Stand-Up DAO Business Strategy & Constitution
  • Business development and analysis
  • Professional experience with law or taxation


To establish a constitution and business strategy platform outside of Pixel Vault, Inc.and specifically for the Founders DAO; to create a sustainable and concrete plan to grow our vault assets and community member base in an adaptive and progressive way that appeals to the majority of our current members.


This proposal seeks to establish DAO’s business strategy and constitution so that it can carry on with other ventures in a seamless and brand aligned fashion.


Formalizing a business constitution and strategy will require time and dedication that DAO tokenholders may not have to come together in an organized manner; however, by adding a small incentive mechanism, we look to have engaged representatives of the community participate on this committee. Another drawback is operations and implementation amongst DAO tokenolders.


The goal for this proposal is to establish a DAO-specific business strategy and constitution that will efficiently scale the DAO’s assets, income streams and community base beyond its current status. The optimal outcomes include (1) A business strategy which includes our mission/vision/executive summary that will then lead into defining what milestones, brand and business development should be like, (2) An understanding of how we look to leverage our assets and community to create more wealth for the DAO and notoriety in the space and (3) to build an adaptable system of growing our DAOs business strategy and development.

An example of a business strategy for the Founders DAO can be found here: Founders DAO Business Strategy Example - Google Docs

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