Creation of a PVFD Steering Committee

The purpose of this proposal is to call for the creation of a PVFD Steering Committee. A steering committee is generally concerned with the development of strategy and execution for a project’s vision, prioritizing strategies, and monitoring progress.

Recent events in the PV write large and in the PVFD community suggest that the time is right for us to establish a steering committee:

  1. PV providing a royalty split with PVFD on secondary sales of PVFD token and the forthcoming pfp from Odious.
  2. Odious creating a new pfp for PVFD with to-be-determined utility by the PVFD.
  3. The role of PVFD in the MH UPDAO with planet tokens and voting rights.
  4. Creation of the PV Sports vertical where PVFD will minimally indirectly benefit from new partnerships.

A reality our DAO will soon be faced with is how to manage not just these opportunities but the general identity of PVFD and the mechanisms to create and maintain a presence in web3 that attracts newcomers and maintains strong ties to PV. In light of these events, I propose that we create a steering committee consisting of 5 members whose charge is to:

  1. Develop and propose the mission statement of PVFD.
  2. Develop and propose the main objectives the steering committee wishes to act on (e.g., develop proposal(s) for odious pfp utility, develop proposal(s) for PVFD fund use, etc.).
  3. Create subcommittees as needed to achieve the goals associated with identified objectives.
  4. Interface with the Communications Committee.
  5. Create possible bylaws for steering committee governance

Initial steering committee members will be determined by interested PVFD members providing a short bio as to their knowledge, skills, and experience that will be posted in a steering committee channel in PVFD. The top 5 vote-getters will serve on the steering committee for a term of 1-year that can be renewed through an annual vote. Other facets of committee membership can be developed and proposed by the steering committee.

In all manner of operations, the steering committee interacts with the PVFD community so that the committee takes its cues from the PVFD to create direction, and in turn the PVFD community supports and shapes the proposal ideas from the steering committee.