Staking the PVFD Metahero's

This post is to gather comments/concerns regarding the staking of our 2 Metahero’s (1 core, 1 generative). We are roughly half way through the first staking round for 200k POW.

IMHO, I dont see any reason why we would not stake our two metahero’s and accumulate the POW reward. Does anyone see a reason why we would not do this?

Please share your thoughts regarding this. If this is nearly a unanimous decisions, then Ill publish a proper proposal and we should try and get that through soon - dont want to miss out on more POW.



I can’t think of any downsides to staking.

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Agreed. The only concern I would have is how we would handle staking during the DEFI game. Potentially the game would require actions so it may not be as straight forward. There is no reason why we shouldn’t stake immediately for Phase 1 though.

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Agree we should stake, cant see any downside.

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Agreed. Let’s get this moving.

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Absolutely, let’s do it.

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@WestCoastWalker let me know if you need any help editing/revising before you publish the proposal. I would be happy to help!

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Just posted an official proposal. Take a look please and let me know if I should add anything. Cheers!

No reason not to stake them.