Degelate $APE Votes to DAO Representative

If we intend to hold our position in $APE we should hold a vote for someone to represent and vote on our behalf, this could be a semi annual role and have turnover anywhere from 3 months to a year.

If you are interested in filling this role put your name below, and why you would be a good candidate to represent the founders DAO at ape DAO. You can also nominate individuals you think would be a good fit, for example Tropo Farmer :toilet:

Once we get a good amount of names we should hold a spaces to discuss then hold a vote :ballot_box:

Yes, great idea. I wonder if this will be difficult to execute via a multisig.

No, the delegation cost a little gas, but signing any transaction with a multisig cost some ETH anyway. The hardest part is usually rallying multisig signers lol

How would this work? Would we repost any ApeDAO proposals and vote on our own snapshot and then have our decision passed on to the delegate?

We could do it that way, similar to show shark DAO does for Nouns DAO, but I was more thinking of electing a representative that would be willing to keep the best interest of the founders DAO in mind when they make a vote. This would save DAO members from having to vote on every ape DAO issue as well as the fact that not every PV holder may be aware of intricacies the Yuga/Ape Coin ecosystem.

We should however come up with a declaration that holds the values of the PVFD and our stance on the Ape Coin DAO. Every representative will 1) need to be a PVFD holder, 2) read and understand declaration, 3) they should make occasional DAO announcements of important issues on going, and lastly 4) they should be a POC for DAO members to voice our opinion at ape DAO if we want to put proposals forward. So this should not be an individual with conflict of interest, but instead one who can hold trust and be a leader for Founder’s DAO.

Besides if they do not act in our best interest we can easily revoke the votes we delegated to them.

PVFD Declaration on Our Involvement in ApeCoin DAO


On Electing an ApeCoin Representative

  • A representative may self nominate and/or be nominated by a fellow PVFD holder.

  • The first election will begin when eight PVFD holders have been nominated (in homage to the eight elite apes).

  • Nominations must be entered on where a topic titled “ApeCoin Representative Nominations” will be created.

  • If there are more than eight qualified nominations, the candidates with the most likes will carry on to snapshot for voting.

On the Representative’s Responsibilities

  • Each (elected) representative must

    • read this doctrine and sign it on-chain before any delegation takes place.
    • hold at least two PVFD Token (to show vested interest in the founder’s DAO).
    • vote and place proposals forward on behalf of the founder’s DAO.
  • The representative should

    • be an active voter on snapshot.
    • have an understanding of the Yuga/ApeCoin Ecosystem.
    • post occasional discord “daonnouncements” on relevant events at ApeCoin DAO.
  • The representative must NOT

    • have conflict of interest.
    • use voting power for personal gain.

On Turn-Over

  • The DAO may hold a vote to elect a new representative at any point.
  • Elected representatives can serve up to six months on good behavior.
  • Semi-annually, a new vote will be held, in which, the incumbent has the opportunity be re-elected with no limit to number of terms served.
  • In the event a representative cannot or will continue their responsibilities, their delegated voting power will be revoked and a new election will be held.

On Compensation

  • At this time, no reward will be granted to this role.
  • However, this may change through future proposals.

On Technical Implementation

  • Should this declaration reach quorum and be in favor, the multi-signature
    signatories shall delegate all $APE voting power to the chosen representative.

  • A signatory will connect the gnosis wallet to and under the apecoin.eth space select “delegate” and enter the address or ENS Name of the elected representative. The remaining signatories will sign off on gnosis to meet threshold and execute.

Closing Notes and Caveats

The elected representative may act as consigliere and vote in the best interest of the founder’s DAO if there are no proposals live directing her/him to vote in a certain way. However, they should seek the DAO’s council first (this may be done on alternate channels than snapshot).

The representative shall be granted the role of “chosen one” and receive discord permissions to post under “daonnouncements”.

This Doctrine may be changed with a majority vote after quorum.