Annual Founder's DAO Day Celebration

The Founder’s DAO was officially born on July 31, 2021. Let’s create an annual celebration that brings the FD community together! What would this look like?!

We should celebrate individuals who have contributed significantly throughout the year. Awards like:

  • Degen of the Year
  • Alpha Spotter of the Year
  • Best Community Built Content
  • Threadmaster
  • Best PV-derivative Project

You get the idea. Your ideas will be 100x better than mine. We could settle on a handful of categories then conduct some polls in the FD channel.

Maybe we could commission Commemorative NFTs that the winner could proudly hold. Maybe these NFTs are soul-bound tokens, and can’t be traded!

I also think we should celebrate the Multisig members. With this key role changing every year, it’ll be a great way to keep track of who from the community executed key decisions in the FD.

Let’s give away some stuff! We can do some Premint raffles for holders to distribute various pieces in the vault.

Local Celebrations
Let’s coordinate local celebrations across the world to get FD members together. This could be a yearly opportunity for IRL interaction.

If we don’t celebrate ourselves, no one will. This kind of yearly celebration won’t cost much but can go a long way toward strengthening the community. If this idea gets some traction, maybe a few FD members can put together a budget of what it might cost in liquid + assets to get this off the ground.

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