DOT Madness Bracket Challenge

Title: DOT Madness Bracket Challenge

Author(s): Rolldawg

Type: Community Event(s), Action

Implementer: Multi-sig Team, Communications Committee, Potamus, JuicyJama, RollDawg

Created Date: December 17, 2022


This proposal seeks to permit the Multi-sig members of the Founder’s DAO to engage with the multi-sig wallet to transfer MP2s, as determined in this proposal, to a “fresh” wallet managed by Potamus to evolve DOTs based upon PVFD bracket-style voting.


What: The Pixel Vault Founders DAO could use a bracket-style challenge to engage the Pixel Vault community with a regular and entertaining event centered around DOTs.

Why: The initial release of DOTs has created a strong sense of community and engagement around the mechanics and activity of the DOT minting/evolving process. The FD should capitalize on and enhance this momentum with a fun activity that leverages assets we have on hand.


  1. Upon approval the multi-sig wallet will transfer the appropriate amount of MP2 to Potamus:
    1 Bracket = 32 MP2
    2 Brackets = 64 MP2
    3 Brackets = 96 MP2
    As well as ETH for transactions: 1 ETH will be transferred per bracket.
    So, if a 3-bracket option is chosen as the winner a total of 96 MP2 and 3 ETH will be transferred to Potamus to execute this proposal.

  2. Potamus will evolve all allocated MP2 to EVO2.

  3. JuicyJama will create graphic(s) for the bracket(s) to help visualize the matchups.

  4. After every Anomaly Event, PVFD communications committee will run the bracket voting. Brackets will be created in “snake” order, for example, 1st EVO2 minted will be #1, the last EVO2 minted will be #16. #1 vs #16, #2 vs #15, #3 vs #14, etc. The voting duration will conclude no later than 24 hours from the opening of the next evolution window. This includes cutting voting short to evolve and participate in the anomaly event.

  5. When the next EVO window opens and when voting has concluded the Communications Committee will provide Potamus a list of the winning DOTs* and Potamus will upgrade the list of winners. JuicyJama will update the graphics to represent the updated bracket(s).

  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 until the DOT(s) are EVO6.

  7. Potamus will transfer the DOT(s) and any unused ETH back to the FD multi-sig.

  8. MP2 compensation will be distributed to Potamus, JuicyJama, and Rolldawg.

*If a “Tampering” option is agreed upon the PVFD Communications Committee will be responsible for running an additional vote for Redemption to determine DOTs that will be saved from burning. Eligible DOTs to be voted on for redemption are 3+ matching traits, 4T/8T, and anomalies only.
Redemption Votes will occur quickly and conclude no later than 123 hours after the following evolution phase opens, to allow for proper replacement and evolution for the winners. If a yes/no vote deems that the eligible DOTs are to be saved they will be transferred back to the FD vault, and the multi-sig team will replace them with an equivalent number of MP2.

Who: Multi-sig team will be responsible for executing any transactions leaving the Founders DAO multi-sig wallet. Potamus will execute MP2 mints, DOT evolutions, and transactions. PVFD will vote on the brackets and/or redemptions. JuicyJama will create graphics for the brackets and update them based on the minting/burning voted on by the Founders DAO. PVFD Communications committee will proctor the voting and promotion of the event and inform Potamus and JuicyJama of the results of community voting. Rolldawg will provide oversight of the DOT Madness Bracket Challenge.

Potamus will be compensated with 5 MP2, JuicyJama will be compensated with 4 MP2, Rolldawg will be compensated with 2 MP2.

Where: Transactions will take place in Potamus’s wallet until the conclusion of the Bracket(s), at which time all assets will be transferred back to the FD multi-sig wallet.
Voting on the brackets will take place via discord with an announced deadline.
Bracket graphics will be created by JuicyJama and shared in Discord and Twitter.


Capitalize on the hype and momentum of the DOTs mint. This gives a regular event for the PVFD to directly participate in and for the Pixel Vault community as a whole to indirectly participate in bracket winner reveals, evolution reveals, and potential anomaly reveals.


Trust in Potamus with FD assets leads to inherent risk that cannot be completely mitigated in a web3 environment. Potamus is however a trusted member of the PV community and an employee of PV. Gas will be spent on the transfer and evolution of assets. There is no guaranteed return on investment of burning MP2s for the evolution of DOTs including gas required to execute these transactions, however EVO6(s) will be returned to the Founders DAO wallet that represent an equal number of fragments used during the evolution process of the DOT Madness Bracket Challenge. By the nature of the bracket mechanism and for ease of execution, “desirable” DOTs have the potential to be burned based on the voting of the community. Compensation in the form of MP2 will be spent and will not have a tangible return to the Founders DAO.


Allocate and Transfer 32/64/96 MP2 to execute a bracket challenge that the PVFD will vote on for each evolution phase. The evolutions will take place prior to anomaly events to maximize exposure to anomalies. The PVFD Communications Committee will run voting. Potamus will execute transactions. JuicyJama will execute bracket graphics. Rolldawg will provide oversight to the process and ensure deadlines are adhered to and executed smoothly.

Choice #1 costs 43 MP2 (32 to burn/evolve & 11 for compensation) and 1 ETH for gas. Will yield 1 EVO6 DOT for the Founders DAO.
Choice #2 costs 43 MP2 (32 to burn/evolve & 11 for compensation) and 1 ETH for gas. Will yield 1 EVO6 DOT for the Founders DAO and the possibility of redeemed DOTs. See above for specifications of redeeming DOTs.
Choice #3 costs 75 MP2 (64 to burn/evolve & 11 for compensation) and 2 ETH for gas. Will yield 2 EVO6 DOT for the Founders DAO.
Choice #4 costs 75 MP2 (64 to burn/evolve & 11 for compensation) and 2 ETH for gas. Will yield 2 EVO6 DOT for the Founders DAO and the possibility of redeemed DOTs. See above for specifications of redeeming DOTs.
Choice #5 costs 107 MP2 (96 to burn/evolve & 11 for compensation) and 3 ETH for gas. Will yield 3 EVO6 DOT for the Founders DAO and the possibility of redeemed DOTs. See above for specifications of redeeming DOTs. 2 brackets will be permitted to be tampered with & 1 bracket will be designated the “Survival Bracket” and no tampering will be permitted.
Choice #6 Abstain to vote, but you will be included in the quorum.


  • 1 Bracket, no tampering
  • 1 Bracket, tampering permitted
  • 2 Brackets, no tampering
  • 2 Brackets, tampering permitted
  • 3 Brackets, tampering permitted (2 brackets will be the designated tamper bracket, 1 bracket will not be tampered with)
  • Abstain

This sounds really fun


Sounds awesome! Would love to help put this together.

Really appreciate your efforts Rolldawg.

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I really love all of this. Great effort Rolldawg

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This seems like a great idea and a lot of fun.

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Sounds like a fun and creative endeavour. Anything (within reason - though this is PV) that uses our collective IP to enhance the community is great!

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I believe I will change the ETH delivered to Potamus to a mix of ETH/APE to preserve more of the ETH we have in the multi-sig wallet.
Potamus is on board with this.

I’m including an action flowchart and reducing the total proposed MP2 compensation in the proposal, which is being posted today.

The proposal has passed and the Bracket wallet that Potamus controls will be: 0x84B65890dfc325Ab9Fa90523e82F30E2af2c6570