PVFD Odious PFP Royalty

Great feedback! Agree that PV does not necessarily need to be paid via an ongoing royalty - could just be a one time payment. We need to connect with PV to see what they are thinking too. The way I see it, is the FD can hire/pay whoever to execute the technical side of it - but I definitly support having PV do it because they are great at it, and Id like to support them as much as we can.

Appreciate the input! If we dont pay PV to execute the technical side of the release, who do you think will do it for us? And can we trust that party, etc?

I did ask Odious earlier and he said (im pretty sure he said this) that he would like the DAO, him and PV to get an even split. 2.5% each was what we talked about. His mind could ttotally change tho, this was like 3 weeks ago.

Ya, would be really interesting to have the royalty set really high (like 50% for the first week, 25% for week 2, then maybe to 5% after a month) Would really add interesting factors to the secondary market

My point was more so that we’re going to have to pay PV for the technical side of the release regardless of whether or not we give them a royalty %. Although, I could be wrong in assuming that PV isn’t going to waive that payment for a royalty split of secondary sales.

For everyone saying we should cut pv out of royalties, how are they then rewarded for facilitating the drop - surely they deserve something? And playing devil’s advocate, if we are looking at who is making the biggest contribution to the project to deserve royalties, it’s Odious on the art side and pv on the dev side, what are we as a DAO doing to deserve royalties?

So I feel 7.5% split 3 ways is fair, although the suggestion the pv element of that drops to 1% after 6 months has some merit to it


I think we may have to think in terms of month, rather than week. But again its open to community

PV will be charging PFVD for the services rendered. I guess it comes down to whether or not we want to give them a royalty % on top of paying them for the dev work.

Oh, you mean that if PV does the technical work, then your just saying you expect them to send us a bill (services rendered)? Imho, we only pay PV once, either a services rendered bill or via the royalty - not both.

a good way to promote Looksrare would be having higher roaylties on opensea than on looksrare.
not only the fee, the royalty set on the collection too

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There are so many ideas to go thru and read. One quick question, what are the sources for revenue generation