Claiming Physical Comic #1 (hold or sell?)

This post is to gather comments regarding the PVFD claiming their 2 physical comic #1’s, as well as what to do with the physicals. As of now, the PVFD has mint #1 of PunksComic #1 AND a special 1/1 signed PunksComic #1. I am trying to confirm with Gfunk if the special 1/1 signed comic is eligible for the physical redemption (let’s keep our collective fingers crossed!). For the sake of this thread - lets assume the 1/1 is eligible for a physical copy.

First, I think we all would unanimously vote to claim both physical comics. No reason not to, right?

Second, and the bigger issue, how or where would we store a physical comic? At my house? Your house? Someone’s safety deposit box? As a DAO, I dont think we are best suited to TRUSTLESSLY hold physical items. IMHO, I think we should focus our efforts on digital items.

I’d like to propose that we keep the two Comic NFTs, but we sell the physicals. I imagine a 1/1 signed copy and the #1 mint would go for a decent amount of ETH,15-20 each? (am I crazy in thinking this?) We then just hold the ETH to use for investments later. I have ideas of what I think we should buy, but I think discussing what we would do with the ETH is for another thread.

So, do we all agree we should claim our two physical comics? And second, do we sell the physicals for ETH OR do we hold onto them - and if we hold, where do we hold them?

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

Much love!

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Like the idea! I’m not really concerned about the physical comic storage location (PV can probally figure that out).

But right now I feel everything undervalued. When (not if) PV zooms, that #1 is gonna be huge like you say. Auction? Some proceeds to charity?

My point is no rush on this…lets let PV build and watch the value of the #1 rise also

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Id just say that its not ideal to have the PV team hold the physical comic for us, or anybody really. But maybe others feel different and are ok with the pixel vault team holding our physical comics.

But we do need to make the decision on where to send the comics as the claim window for physicals closes in 3 weeks or so. And when we claim the physicals, we need to put in an address to where we want the comic sent.

Re: who holds the physical comics, I would love to have them loaned out to a museum or physical space. some examples below:


I like the idea of loaning the physical comics out to a museum. I don’t think we should sell the physicals right now because they will age well over time, assuming Pixel Vault succeeds, and we’re just getting started.


Is it free for us to loan them out to a museum and do they insure the comics in case of damage/theft. Auctioning off the physicals and using the eth for liquidity could end up being less of a hassle.

Thats a cool idea. But if this were the chosen plan, who would you recommend the physical comics go to first? I mean, we need to designate someone to receive them. And then that person would need to do the leg work on this.

Have you reached out to either of these museums to confirm they would be interested in keeping these items on loan?

I definitely think we should vote to have the comics loaned out to some sort of museum, if that is a viable option already. Need to do more research on that first though.

In the short term, since physical claim ends soon I would feel comfortable entrusting Pixel Vault or someone from the PV team to hold and store the physical comics in the meantime.


What about using the physicals with PV promos/marketing. I have no idea if the PV team is planning to do comicon appearances, but if/when they do the physicals could be used for marketing to help grow the PV brand. And using the physicals for marketing wouldn’t strictly be limited to comicons, but other IRL appearances as well, it is just one example.


I also would advise against selling the physicals now. We don’t need the money and there is every reason to be more bullish than the current environment. At least wait for the next hype bubble.


We could potentially have an escrow holder or safety deposit box for physical claims as we move forward. In the short term, having PV hold them would be OK with me.


Love the idea to loan it to museum. In the mean time should we grade it ?


I think this is a great idea! Using the physical as a marketing/promo item. This is something the newly proposed Comms Committee could claim and use during their initial launch.

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Museum or marketing purpose is a sensible solution, even if it costs a little to insure, the long term upside is greater.