Community Content Challenge #1 (review and discuss) - Punks Comic


Community Content Challenge #1: Punks Comic
Rewards: 50 Mint Pass 2’s
Challenge Ends: September 1, 2022

Challenge #1 is focused on building content around the Punks Comic universe. This includes Punks Comic #1, #2, #3, Elite Ape editions, $PUNKS token, Origin Story, the 16 Punks, etc.

Challenge #1: Create content that helps educate and/or promote the Punks Comic ecosystem.

What should you create: Submit whatever type of content you like! Infographics, youtube videos, data dashboards, memes, a Twitter space series, published articles, etc. The type of content you submit is open to your imagination!

Guidelines: Content must be created by you. You can collaborate with others, but only a single address can be associated with a submission and subsequent rewards. And lastly, the content needs to help educate and/or promote the Punks Comic ecosystem.

How to submit: All self-nominated submissions must be sent to the FoundersDAO email account - by September 1, 2022. We will also be seeking community nominations for valuable community creators.

Timeline: All submissions must be submitted to the FounderDAO email by September 1, 2022. We expect community voting to take place a week after.

Curating Submissions: The communications committee, along with a few selected community members, will do an initial curation of all submissions. We will curate the list of submissions to what we view as the top 10 best submissions. We will then post all 10 submissions on Snapshot for a community vote for rewards. If we have 10 or fewer submissions, then curating will not be needed.

Rewards Structure: We will be rewarding 50 Mint Pass 2’s for this first challenge. The rewards will be distributed in a tiered format, and assigned according to the communities vote.

  1. 20 MP2
  2. 10 MP2
  3. 5 MP2
  4. 5 MP2
  5. 5 MP2
  6. 1 MP2
  7. 1 MP2
  8. 1 MP2
  9. 1 MP2
  10. 1 MP2

Selecting the Winners: Founders DAO community members will use their token to vote using the snapshot voting mechanics. However, this voting will be 1 vote per holder, not 1 vote per Founders DAO token held. We are doing this in an attempt to avoid having 1 whale direct rewards to their choice.

What does this look like? Example, we will post all 10 submissions in the body of the snapshot proposal. This might include links, images, etc. We will then put each creator’s name as a voting option. Community members will then rank all creators from 1 (the best) to 10 (not the best). This will give us a ranking from 1-10, which will then assign them to the corresponding reward amount.

Measuring Success: How can we measure the “success” of this initial challenge? Well first, what metrics or habits are we trying to impact? What are our goals?

  • Generating at least 10 pieces of high quality, educational/promotional content around Punks Comics. This is our #1 goal. Lots of quality content that we can use to educate and promote Punks Comic.
  • Increasing the number of unique individual holders of Punks Comic assets
  • Engaging and rewarding the community in a fun and creative way

Ideally, we accomplish these 3 rather simple goals.

Final Thoughts: This is our first of four community content challenges. Other challenges might include; Founders DAO branding, Metahero, open challenges, etc. We chose to do Punks Comic due to the upcoming comic 3 and punks pfp.

We view this first challenge as a learning opportunity as well. We know that there might be mistakes, or ways to execute better, but we will learn from those mistakes and make adjustments to the next challenges.

We hope the community is excited about this and we are looking forward to the incredible work that our community puts forward!


  • Who can participate? Anyone can participate in this challenge. You do not need to have a Founders DAO token.
  • I have an article discussing everything PV, which includes a bit of Punks Comic, can I submit that? The content for this challenge is Punks Comic specific.
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Please let us know if you have any questions, things we can add, or concerns. This is a draft that we hope to gather feedback with. From there, we will make adjustments and then officially announce. Thanks!

@WestCoastWalker one concern - given the wide variety of content types that may be submitted, how will the comms committee / community fairly judge & rank the submissions? For example, how do we determine what is “better” between a video, article and data dashboard when they serve different purposes and probably target different audiences? People have also be biased towards the type of content they personally enjoy which could skew results


One suggestion to make it more fair/easy to judge the content, can we limit the scope of the content type & do curation/rewards per content type? e.g. 5 categories, 10 MP2 of rewards allocated to each category.


  • while this might be more limiting, it would also add a lot more clarity to the challenges. Given it’s the first challenge, I wonder if a limited & focused scope will encourage more community participation. In saying that, we could still have a category for “Other” to create space for different/creative submissions
  • it would allow us to reward/judge the different types of contributions more equally - compare videos with other videos, instead of comparing it to a data dashboard which serves a different purpose
  • it creates an opportunity to define more specific criteria to evaluate the different types of submissions e.g. for data dashboards, the accuracy of the data matters
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