Refund Comic 3 Mint Donations

This proposal aims to refund the 7 individuals who donated .1 ETH each to help the DAO mint comic 3. This seems like a no brainer and I wish we didnt need a proposal for it, but as a DAO, we need a proper vote to have our signers execute a tx.

Summary: In an effort to raise some ETH for the DAO to mint comic 3 (the FoundersDAO only had 1.41 ETH in its treasury at the moment) a few faithful community members joined together and donated a total of .7 ETH to the DAO. We did this because we believed that the DAO should try and mint a few comic 3’s, as we were eligible for 4 mints in window 1, and basically unlimited in window 2. So, a few days before the mint of Comic 3, I (WCW) proposed that the community ban together and each send .1 ETH to the Founders DAO account so that we could purchase some Comic 3’s. There was no guarantee that those who donated the .1 ETH would be rewarded or even reimbursed if the DAO did not mint. And no guarantee that we were going to be able to execute the mint.

However, even though many of us were asking our signers to mint comic 3, nothing happened and nothing was minted. A bummer, but in retrospect makes sense since we did not have a formal vote on minting comic 3.

And even though the DAO did not mint, I think this was a great, organic community effort to show support for minting an asset together as a community. There were 7 individuals who donated .1 ETH each and I would like to request that the DAO reimburse each address the .1 ETH

As someone who initiated the idea of funding the DAO so we could mint comic 3, I feel obligated to submit this proposal on behalf of the others who donated. I think sending the .1 ETH back to each address that donated is the right thing to do.

The donating addresses are below:


100% support this, should probably even be adding some small amount to cover gas. It shouldn’t cost to help the dao!


Makes sense. Well done for trying. You should get a refund