Planet Staking through NFTX

Stake Planets here: United Planets Pool | NFTX Yield

Buy planets for market price here: United Planets Vault | NFTX

Is it legit?
How does it work?

Find out more here:

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I think this is worth the experiment and it doesn’t add much risk.

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General feedback: if you want to pass anything you should be able to make a case and provide enough data and arguments to make a solid proposal instead of just pasting a link.

  1. What’s the point with such a small amount?
  2. Do we assume that all these 4 planets have the same price? Even though the collection for each of these planets is different?
  3. Is there enough liquidity? What does the liquidity look like for the past few months?
  4. What is the historical yield for the past few months and what do you expect for the next few months?


  1. Small amount to get our feet wet with an experiment. I would have gone bigger. But based on other proposals, I think the DAO as a whole is risk averse. This is also why I set the time limit for one year. After a year, we can reassess.

Having the same planets for the same price would likely generate more volume in the vault which is good for the stakers.

  1. While the supply of these planets is different, the price has generally remained the same for them over the last few months.

  2. It would behoove DAO members to supply liquidity to the vault. The DAO wallet it’s self is illiquid, so it wouldn’t be realistic for it to provide liquidity.

  3. The NFTX vault has only been around for a little over a month and the yield however has ranged from 25%-115%. I think the yield will go down in the short term if we stake the 400. Then as the market adjust to the new planet supply and we spread more awareness to our main constituents (the DAO members) that this is where we do most of the planet trading, not opensea. I think we will build a better market around the planets.

None of this will happen overnight. But at this point, when our main supply of NFTs is planets, we have the opportunity to put them to work and yield from them which we should have done long ago.

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I always post a discussion link on the proposals I make so there can be ongoing discussion and debate. :grin: