UCIP - UPDAO Tournament Prize acquisition

Title: UPDAO Community Improvement Proposal (UCIP): Tournament Prize acquisition

Status: Draft

Implementor: UPDAO Treasurer

Category: Fund Allocation

Proposal Committee: Rolldawg#9095

Sponsor: PVFD

Date of submission:

Abstract: Once the Brawler is available the UPDAO should capitalize on the hype and excitement by sponsoring tournament(s) and tournaments need prizes to motivate individuals to participate. This proposal will outline the acquisition of PV assets to be used by the UPDAO as prizes in these tournaments.

Motivation: The more excitement and fun surrounding the Brawler release the better for the PV ecosystem. Having tournaments will encourage participation and is important to the success of the game, the PV ecosystem, and the community. These tournaments will also encourage engagement from inside and outside of the PV community.

Rationale: The UPDAO was seeded with nearly 7888 ETH to be used by the community. The UPDAO could use 10 ETH to acquire several Pulse-Impacted People (PiPs). These would be set aside to then be distributed as tournament prizes for Brawler Tournaments, once the Pixel Vault Brawler game is released.

Steps of Implementation:

  1. Transfer 10 $ETH from the UPDAO (0x19C30Ad5EA4f7f9F36A8662b5FA2Cbc09E55FDED) to Richard (Discord: 0xRichard#9127) to allow Xxx, Xxx, (Trading Team) to acquire PiPs- Need to verify with Richard which wallet will be the trading wallet.
  2. The Trading Team will acquire at least 9 PiPs within their budget of 10 ETH.
  3. Once a PiP is acquired the trading team will transfer the PiP to the UPDAO wallet.
  4. Once all PiPs are acquired, the budget is exhausted, or the timeframe of implementation has lapsed all remaining ETH and/or PiPs from this proposal are returned to the UPDAO wallet.
  5. Once all assets are returned to the UPDAO wallet the trading team will be rewarded with $100 USD of $POW (approximately 6199 $POW at the writing of the proposal).
  6. A separate proposal will be required for the use of the PiPs acquired in this proposal to be used as tournament rewards.

Timeline: This proposal will be implemented as soon as reasonably possible once passed. The trading team will have until the Pixel Vault Brawler game is released to the public. Once the Brawler is released to the public, the trading team’s ability to purchase PiPs will expire.



Specification (What technical/development resources are needed? What do we need financially (include a breakdown)? What is the overall cost?): Allocate 10 $ETH from the UPDAO for this proposal. UPDAO will transfer this $ETH to the trading wallet. At the conclusion of this proposal the UPDAO will transfer the equivalent of $100 USD of $POW to the trading team members.

Links: none

Return on Investment: Tangible ROI: At least 9 PiPs to the UPDAO to be used for the Brawler game as tournament prizes. Intangible ROI: This proposal allows the UPDAO to create tournaments with prizes that will encourage community engagement and further the success of the Brawler game. Brings more exposure to the Pixel Vault ecosystem.

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Should we consider doing a public tournament instead so the UPDAO doesn’t have to acquire PIP?

I feel like this would be more capital efficient and would involve the community. The downside is that it would require more work to randomly select teams, and get them to show-up and play. This could be managed by having alternates.

Love the idea! have a few notes of feedback that might help it pass and make it easier to use the PIPs long term.

  1. If we say the pips are for tournaments (by the title and primary focus) it could make it much harder to use them for anything else in the future, including brawler activities that might not be “tournaments”. Maybe explain a couple “projected” uses for the accumulated pips with tournament prizes being #1 but things like “other uses in gaming tbd”, “possible income from staking/renting” (while not being used), “IP development opportunities”… (these are just top of head ideas)
  2. What type of PIPs? floor, mix, hand picked, sweep? (you can give room for trading team to make judgement calls but for it to pass the community will probably want to know what type of pips are the “aim”.
  3. Did managers and Richard etc confirm the mechanics… (probably a work in progress)
  4. Why not more? 50+ if you ask me. Easy way to give big prizes down the road for very little cost now.

Hit me if you want any help with writing or adjusting, always ready to get my hands dirty. Appreciate what you are doing!

Not sure if I understand the full meaning of your reply. The thought behind this is so the UPDAO has assets it can utilize as tournament prizes. My thoughts would be that it would be a public tournament, but the tourney details would have to be submitted in a separate proposal. This proposal would to be to only acquire the assets.

  1. I like the idea here of suggesting proposed uses for future flexibility instead of locking them into specific uses.
  2. I would want to continue to allow flexibility, but could add in a suggestion of acquiring a mix: a few floor PiPs, as well as higher rarity IOT have a variety of rarities to potentially be used a grand prize, second prize, and so on (one example: mutant/alien mask grand prize, shiny/earring second place, floor third place).
  3. Haven’t talked to them yet. Just put thoughts down on “paper” white my brain was working.
  4. Could have multiple options for voters to vote one -
    a) 10 ETH to aquire at least 9 PiPs
    b) 20 ETH to acquire at least 18 PiPs
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Love it all. Multiple options is a great idea!

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